Travel Insurance After Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 22/07/2020

Most travel insurers take their lead from travel guidance issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and if we are advised not to travel then travel insurers will generally not cover us.

With the government now reaching reciprocal travel agreements and air-bridges with various countries, foreign travel and holidays are back on the agenda for many as move to holiday season.

What are travel insurers doing with cover for coronavirus?

Travel insurance policies are either a full, yearly plan or single trip only insurance.  Most new travel insurance policies, both annual and one-off trip, now do not cover medical costs and repatriation costs in respect of covid-19 but some will offer cover.

For existing yearly travel policies that were taken out before coronavirus lock down should still offer cover provided FCO guidance is that it is safe to travel.

Other insurance sources:

Many premium bank accounts offer vehicle break down cover, house emergency repair cover and annual travel insurance policies as standard.  If you do have a premium bank account it is also worth checking whether you already have adequate travel insurance with them.

Always check:

That said, we urge you to always check with the FCO as to which countries are safe to travel to and also check that your travel insurance offers medical fees protection and repatriation costs for that country and also coronavirus.

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