Financial Advice May Be Delayed During Social Distancing and Self Isolation

Published / Last Updated on 21/03/2020

Financial services is considered part of the ‘essential workforce’ and we can go to work, that said, we had already taken action and all of our staff were already working from home for their own safety and for the continuity of services for you, our clients.

That said, whilst we will work to help clients and plan to work 7 days a week, it still may take longer than normal to deliver any advice as tax, pension, investment, insurance companies and banks may be operating on skeleton, emergency staffing also, so be prepared to have deadlines missed and works completed later than expected.

Please take the advice of government and emergency services.  Remember it is better to stay healthy and safe.  We will get through this and we are all going to suffer financially but we would rather all be safe in the days, weeks and months to come.

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