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The Basic Bank Account The Basic Bank Account If you do not have a bank account or have credit problems, a fee free, no credit history check, basic bank account that offers all the usual current account ... National Savings Authority Letters for Advisers National Savings Authority Letters for Advisers National Savings and Investments (NS&I) has finally issued a standard template authority letter for investors to allow their financial advisers to get information and your investments. We have been ... Help to Save Scheme Help to Save Scheme Do you want a free 50% bonus added to money that you save in the next 2 years by the Government? The Help to Save scheme from January 2018.... Help to Buy ISA v Lifetime ISA Help to Buy ISA v Lifetime ISA Help to Buy ISA v Lifetime ISA. Video compares pros and cons of both Help to Buy and Lifetime ISA when saving towards a deposit for a home.... Inflation Impact on Money Inflation Impact on Money It’s all well and good if you are saving in ISA’s or investing in markets etc. However, you need to know the impact of inflation on these. If inflation ... Why Bank Services Could Get Worse Why Bank Services Could Get Worse Video explores the impact of Basel 3 and new capital, leverage and liquidity ratio requirements for banks that we suggest will mean mass redundancies and a shift of services overseas.... Credit Union Explained Credit Union Explained Video explaining what a Credit Union is.... The Financial Strength of Banks The Financial Strength of Banks Banks are required to have deep capital reserves to be able to trade. The regulator will also issue stress tests to test if banks can cope if there is ... Current Account Switching Current Account Switching Process of switching account: 1) Choose your bank 2) Sign the paperwork 3) Choose a date for switch 4) They’ll do the rest If you have an overdraft you will need to negotiate with ... New ISA NISA Explained New ISA NISA Explained TranscriptIsa’s an individual savings account, this video explains individual savings accounts and what I am going to do is give you a little bit of history and then move ... Premium Bank Accounts Premium Bank Accounts Video explores the benefits of premium bank accounts comparing costs v additional bolt on services that may save you money elsewhere with travel ins, breakdown cover etc... No Brainer Idea for Savings No Brainer Idea for Savings What we do is every £1 and £2 coins we have gets put into a piggy bank. You’d be very surprised in how much you would save each year ... Savings v Pensions Savings v Pensions Pensions savings are grown within a tax privileged area. They are also longer term and cannot be accessed until age 55. Normal savings have a lot of options available ... What Are Junior ISAs What Are Junior ISAs Junior ISA is a child savings vehicles.Around £3,700 can be put into a junior ISA each year.Interest is paid tax free.Any profits are tax free.(Figures subject to change)...

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