Start Using False Security Answers for Non Money Websites

Published / Last Updated on 03/05/2020

Why would you share real, ‘sensitive’, personal information about yourself with just any website?

We appreciate you would offer correct information in security questions for your bank, pensions or investment websites for security and anti-money laundering verification checks.

For non-finance or other websites such as shops, magazine, cookery, supermarket or any other login/subscription based service, why would you give them correct answers to the following?

  1. Date of birth
  2. Mother’s maiden name
  3. First car
  4. Father's first name
  5. Favourite city
  6. Favourite teacher

Make them up as an alter-ego to then always use for any other website registration.  This way, if any online service that you register your details with were ever compromised, criminals will never be able to gather enough personal information about you to then ‘hack their way’ into your self assessment, bank, credit card or investment accounts.

That’s another project for you when you have some spare time or each time you log into an online service.


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