Investment Sectors That May Bounce Back With End of Lockdown

Published / Last Updated on 18/02/2021

End of Lockdown Bounce Back Investment Sectors

As the covid-19 infection rates start to fall and vaccination numbers increase, is it time to think about investment in shares or investment in funds that will have an immediate bounce back after the end of lockdown as well as looking at sectors that will benefit long term?

Short term

Think pub chains, restaurant chains, cinema groups, sports and leisure venues, theatres, oil, energy, holiday firms, airlines, hotel groups and hospitality. Will property funds start to bounce back as commercial property rents start to get paid again or paid in full rather than arrears?

Will gaming industry fall? TV subscriptions fall?  Supermarket revenue may fall as people eat at home less and start to venture out.

Long Term

Think technology in general, financial technology, artificial intelligence,  Environmental friendly, Socially responsible and Governance funds (ESG),

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