Market Jitters on Freedom Day

Published / Last Updated on 19/07/2021

The UK has pushed full ahead with all social distancing, mixing and face mask rules removed today. Although many businesses plan to keep many rules in place.

The government move is surprising given the UK was 2nd highest in the world for new infections on Friday (published Saturday) and the highest in the world on Saturday (published Sunday).

The government is gambling in our opinion whilst the world watches for results of the gamble.

  • The majority of over 40s have now been ‘double jabbed’, hopefully offering immunity or if not, at least reducing the risk of serious illness or death.
  • The majority of infections are children and 20 somethings and no doubt the government is betting on younger people’s ability to fight covid-19.

Herd immunity is clearly the target ahead of the vomiting bug due this winter.

With an estimated 2m more infections through the summer or headlines estimates of 100,000 infections per day, the knock on effect is a depleted workforce now and a possible lockdown in September.

Markets have reacted by falling over 2% so far, as one might expect.  That said, we have seen this before and we hope you now have the confidence and experience to understand that markets are likely to bounce back when we get through this next hurdle.

If you are invested in markets, your decision is whether to hold and ride things out or disinvest to safe havens such as cash.  Most people should consider riding this wave out.  This is what we are personally doing with our own money.

If you are cash parked or have ‘opportunity’ capital for new investment money or regular premiums to invest, then consider investing at these lower unit prices.  This is what we are personally doing with our own money.

Our longer term, general sentiment is still positive.  We are holding funds, not selling out and are also investing more each month.

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