Prepare Tax Return Information During Coronavirus Lockdown

Published / Last Updated on 09/04/2020

Something that is not always easy to do at the best of times but if you are not working during the coronavirus lockdown period it may be the ideal time to start preparing your self assessment tax return information using our tax return checklist.

We have created a pdf file download that will give all information that you will need when submitting your tax return whether mployed, self employed, capital gains taxes or other benefits that are due or received.

Download: Tax Return Checklist

By gathering all this information now when you have time on your hands may mean you can file your return early.  We understand that some information may not be available just yet such as bank certificates of interest received.  Likewise, your employer may not have issued your P60 yet, these are due to be issued in May at the latest, but at least you can get most your information prepared.

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