This section will explain what compensation you are entitled too when dealing with financial losses.

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Platform Investment Account Protection Compensation and SIPP Accounts Platform Investment Account Protection Compensation and SIPP Accounts We issue a warning about being careful about platform investment account protection, compensation and SIPP account platforms.... Please Report Financial Scams Please Report Financial Scams The FCA has called on the public to report all suspected financial scams whether they have been a victim of or an attempt has been made to stop fraudulent ... Is My Compensation Enough Is My Compensation Enough If you have been mis-sold or there has been negligent advice that is either admitted or if the Financial Ombudsman Service has ruled in your favour, redress compensation may ... Peer to Peer Lending Crowdfunding Investment Compensation Peer to Peer Lending Crowdfunding Investment Compensation Video explores investor protection from Financial Services Compensation Scheme for Peer to Peer Lending, Crowdfunding and the Innovation ISA.... Is My Funeral Plan Safe Is My Funeral Plan Safe Video looks at the compensation schemes for different types of funeral plan. Is your funeral plan money safe.... Consumer Rights Act 2015 Consumer Rights Act 2015 Video explains the basics of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the 30 day refund rule, what happens if there is a delay and how we have integrated this into ... Ignoring Financial Advice Insistent Client Ignoring Financial Advice Insistent Client Video explains the FCA guidelines when you ignore your financial adviser and insistent client rules for your pensions and investments take over.... SIPP Investment Compensation Warning SIPP Investment Compensation Warning Video looks at the issues and unlimited investor compensation on insured funds inside a SIPP versus external investments inside a SIPP with much lower investment protection.... Clear Fair and Not Misleading Clear Fair and Not Misleading Video covers financial regulator's requirement that all financial companies must be Clear, Fair and Not Misleading when dealing the clients... Treating Customers Fairly TCF Treating Customers Fairly TCF Video explains the Financial Conduct Authority requirement that financial firms treat their customers fairly TCF... Home Finance Compensation Home Finance Compensation Financial services compensation scheme when dealing with home finance and mortgages, if you have made a financial loss on your home finance.... Company Pension Compensation Company Pension Compensation Company pension schemes are not part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and are actually part of a totally separate scheme call the Pension Protection Fund (PPF). If your company ... Cash Deposit Compensation Cash Deposit Compensation In 2010 the compensation for cash deposits was increased to £85,000 per person, per bank institution. It was then reduced as the £ strengthened to £75,000 and again restored ... Investment Compensation Investment Compensation Investment related services excluding insurance based investments, have a compensation limit of £50,000 per person, per firm. This video explains when you are entitled to regarding investment related services. ... Insurance Compensation Insurance Compensation Compensation for insurance investment, personal pension plans and general insurance has no limit. However, it is up to a maximum of 90% of your claim. Compensation for compulsory insurance ...

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