Private Life and Sickness Insurance After Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 20/07/2020

Whether or not you have existing term based or whole of life insurance, critical Illness insurance, family income benefit (life insurance monthly payments, permanent health insurance (known as income protection) or accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU) insurance, now is the time to revisit your insurance protection during and after coronavirus.

If you car generated £50,000 pa income, if your business generated £100,000 pa, you would insure it.  So why are you not insuring yourself and loved ones?

Check with your employer what insurance cover you have at work.

Is your life insurance policy in trust?

Could you get more cover or cheaper insurance long term by working with an adviser on a fee basis with no commissions paid out?

Make sure your life insurance policies are in trust for your loved ones to ensure faster pay outs and outside your estate for inheritance tax purposes.

Use our calculators to give you some ideas of how much cover your may need.

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