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Published / Last Updated on 11/10/2023

Guidance on Cookie Settings for

There can be issues on many websites when client users or guests/visitors do not have cookies enabled on their internet browser such as difficulty logging in.  For the best user experience of this website, you will need to enable 'cookies' to at least "session cookie", temporary cookie status for your internet browser.

Session ID Cookies

We do not leave cookies on your device, we only use a temporary, session cookie that is removed when it expires (usually after a period of inactivity) or when your 'session' ends i.e., you leave our website or close your internet browser.

We only use a temporary cookie for online tools, calculators, fee quotes and secure login (and then it is deleted).  We do not use cookies to track your useage or target you with advertisements or 'popups'. 

For your own security, we suggest you only need to enable ‘temporary’ cookies from sites that you visit (which should then deleted when you leave). 

Enabling Cookies

For this site you only need to allow temporary cookies as they are removed when they expire, you leave our website or close your browser (for security) or, like many internet users, you may wish to allow “all cookies” meaning you can be tracked – which so many people do automatically as they are not even aware of them.

Setting Cookie Policy Examples: for various internet browsers and settings watch our videos:

Setting Cookies and Cookies 2

Clear Cookies

Remember to clear/delete all cookies on your device periodically.  For your own security, there is little point having thousands of cookies still on your device for a website that you last visited 6 months ago.

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