Roberts Clark IFS Limited Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Published / Last Updated on 05/03/2020

The FCA has asked all financial firms to have a contingency plan in the event of either sickness or self-isolating for Coronavirus.

Roberts Clark IFS Limited Coronavirus Contingency Plan:

All our staff have laptops and are able to work from home in the usual manner.

If a staff member is suspected of being and then confirmed as infected with Coronavirus:  they will be placed automatically on sick leave.  They have been instructed to take advice/care/recovery instructions as normal from the relevant authorities.

If a staff member is asked to ‘self isolate’ only:  Staff will work from home and not come to Roberts Clark’s offices or meet with clients.  Staff have laptops with secure, remote access to systems and as we operate a BT Cloud Phones Exchange system, they will still take your calls as normal, in fact you will not be able to tell the difference, as some staff already work from home anyway on given days or if their families are ill.

Business Travel:  All travel in connection with business or face to face client meetings is to be limited with immediate effect.  We will happily deal with all clients as normal on a non-face to face basis.  Face to face client meetings can be arranged on a limited/cannot resolve by telephone/email with our financial advisers when needed.

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