Pensions and Retirement

Published / Last Updated on 08/08/2019

Starting a pension?  At retirement?  Pension types, how much to save, tax relief, state pensions and more.  Award winning pensions and retirement planning advice.

Starting out ...

  • A pension can be confusing. 
  • Pensions may not feel important.
  • Retirement may seem so far away.
  • Cars, mortgages, rent, holidays and children all 'gobble' our spare money.

Retirement can also be daunting when your life is changing and you need to understand your options. 

  • Retirement advice does not just mean pension planning.
  • Retirement advice may mean new pensions or indeed reviewing existing pensions.
  • Retirement advice may mean target funding, goal setting and ongoing management.
  • Retirement advice may mean annuities versus flexible drawdown or a mix of the two.
  • Retirement advice may also mean income needs and living expenses projections with cash flow modelling into retirement, life expectancy and beyond.
  • Retirement advice also can be about care fees if you are already in retirement.
  • Retirement advice may mean income tax, tax relief, high earner tax or even estate, death lump sums and inheritance tax planning advice.

We are experienced Chartered Financial Planners and can guide you through each stage in your retirement flight path: take off, cruising altitude, glide path into retirement and beyond that to care fees or even premature death and estate planning.

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