Which Investment Sectors Will Thrive After Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 08/06/2020

Take some time and have a think about what business areas have done well during the coronavirus pandemic and what business sectors may thrive afterwards.

Technology – we suggest there will be a huge move towards technological development and artificial intelligence after the pandemic.  Many ‘techy’ firms have done well during the lockdown and some commentators are predicting the equivalent up to 10 years worth of development and trade in this sector within just 2 years = investment opportunity.

Green - With less air travel, car pollution etc we must all have noticed how much cleaner our air has been during lock down.  We expect green energy, ethical, socially responsible and governance to grow substantially, not just because people want to be greener but governments and regulators are forcing businesses to become greener = investment opportunity.

Staycations – with travel restrictions likely to be in place for some time as many countries are at different points in their numbers ‘curve’ for infections of covid-19, we expect the UK holiday and hospitality industry to experience a ‘renaissance’.

Start thinking yourself.  Where could the next big investment opportunity be for you in a post coronavirus world?

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