Revisit Child Benefit and Tax Codes During Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 18/05/2020

Are you a high earner, over £100,000 and have lost some or all of your personal allowance?

Does one parent in your household earn over £50,000 meaning you have given up some or all of your child benefit or do you have a reduced tax code to compensate for this?

If your income is below the Personal Allowance Threshold can you also share up to 10% of your Personal Allowance with a higher earning partner.

If income has fallen due to furlough pay being capped at £2,500 pm or in fact you are facing redundancy, part time work only or just a much lower income than anticipated have you thought about rechecking your eligibility for a return of your tax code, sharing unused tax allowance or reclaim child benefit again?

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