Stock Pile Cash Opportunity Saving for After Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 04/08/2020

We suggest, if you can, to start stock piling cash right now and be ready for new investment opportunities that may present themselves during an Autumn period of market volatility on a coronavirus 2nd wave.

With coronavirus, many countries are still in their first wave or infections and those that had peaked and gone down are now going back up as relaxation of quarantine, isolation and self distancing rules have been relaxed.

We expect:

  • Localised 2nd waves with villages, towns, cities and counties being locked down.  In addition, public areas may be restricted again: pubs, restaurants, sporting venues.
  • More travel restrictions.
  • More redundancies.
  • More stock market volatility.
  • Property prices to spike with the stamp duty holiday but fall back on economic slowdown, predicted by the Bank of England to be the worst in over 100 years.

Save as much as you can now.  Whether that is £5 week, £50, £500 or thousands.  There are going to be opportunities to invest somewhere at a lower market price than today.

Make cash stock pile opportunity saving a habit.

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