FCA Warns Advisers Against Social Media Messages

Published / Last Updated on 12/01/2021

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has this week warned financial advisers about the use of messaging clients via social media platforms and WhatsApp.

Whether encrypted or not, the FCA suggests that home working by many financial services firms may mean:

  1. Messages are not secure although some are encrypted
  2. That instant messages may be a compliance risk if the wrong terms or reports or ‘financial promotions’ are made
  3. A risk warning to financial services firm bosses of mis-conduct by employees.

The FCA has also taken action against a number of regulated firms to stop mis-conduct, abuse or poor record keeping and compliance.

Whilst this is important for your own privacy and wealth protection, if the FCA is warning financial firms then we believe we should issue the same warning to you.

Stop and think right now.  Who you do you interact with on message platforms and social media.  If it is family and friends only about everyday life then no problem but what if it is a business or service that you are using or buying from?  If the FCA believes there is a risk of abuse/non-compliance with financial services regulations then should you not be thinking about the same with other areas of you wealth, finances, shopping, business and private life?  We do.

When you contact our firm – all correspondence is by email and sensitive documents are password encrypted.  You can also upload documents and send private messages via your own private messages and upload documents facility in our secure client area of the website.  We will not send you documents or information via any external messaging service – this means that we control who has access to ‘what and when’ to keep your information secure and all incoming and outgoing messages, emails and documents pass through the directors ‘hands’ first to keep your safe.

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