Here to Help During Coronavirus Crisis

Published / Last Updated on 29/03/2020

All staff are working remotely from home and were so at least a week before before the government announced lock down restrictions on 20/03/2020.  This means we can still offer online, telephone and remote financial advice services in full. 

Husband and wife directors, Ashley and Joanne Roberts-Clark, are self isolating as advised but are in our head office everyday to turn on and monitor systems (it is just a 2 minute commute, on foot, front door to the office) and will deal with all incoming post/your advice needs/works etc.

To ensure all systems are operational and we can continue offering financial advisory services to you, we are currently allowed to open the office each day as Financial Services is considered a 'key worker' status as people still need tax, pensions, investments dealing with and paying out but we will not allow any face to face contact. 

If, in the future, we are not allowed to travel, we will then take all hardware systems home and create a mini-office there, so that full services can still continue. 

Coronavirus Delays:  When we are dealing with external pension, investment and insurance companies, they may be operating on skeleton staff so response times from them my take longer.  In addition, some pension schemes have now been allowed to suspend transfers or indeed suspend pension contributions into workplace pensions, so it may take even longer.  All we are asking you to do is expect delays, not necessarily caused directly by us, but we are at the mercy of the current crisis, government restrictions, external companies and suspensions in the market.  Please be patient and we will get through this together.

If you need help or guidance on the various support packages announced by the government or if you simply are isolated on your own and just need a five minute chat as a cheer up, we are here to help.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Ashley and Joanne.

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