Prepare for a 2nd Wave Coronavirus On Its Way

Published / Last Updated on 24/06/2020

Prepare for a 2nd Wave On Its Way During Coronavirus Lockdown

  • 9 states in US locked down and quarantine for inter-state travel
  • 4 regions North East Spain in lockdown again
  • Melbourne, Australian spike – emergency fast drive through testing and potential lock down
  • Beijing Up
  • Balkans Up
  • Germany Up

Meanwhile Greece and Austria open brothels but with ‘safe distancing’ – whatever that means?

PREPARE FOR A 2nd WAVE – Markets are down so far this week – some have fallen 6.25% in the last two days using FTSE 100 as benchmark – 3 weeks ago at nearly 6,500, then down to just over 6,000, then up to 6,300 then down again now to 6,090 at time of filming– so up 10% + then down 7.5% then up 4% then crash back down by 5%.

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