Why Green But Neutral Investment Alerts During Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2020

What's the difference - Red/Amber/Green v Negative/Neutral/Positive?

  • Red/Amber/Green - is what we are doing right now with our own private investments - THIS IS NOT ADVICE TO YOU.  Red - we are in cash, Amber - we are holding our position, Green - we are invested.
  • Positive/Neutral/Negative Sentiment - is a our view of a particular investment sector for the coming months.  Positive - we think market will grow, Neutral - we think market will remain flat or are not sure, Negative - we think market will fall.

We are ‘Green’ for our own, private money because we fully invested in markets on Monday 16th March 2020, when stock markets hit a year low.  We are happy to hold for the medium and long term, ride out any ups and downs in markets,  for an eventual return to market growth after the end of the covid-19 pandemic and any subsequent recession.  We have invested at, in our opinion, a good price for the medium and longer term.

Our sentiment is Neutral because we cannot call the markets over the coming months.  In the short term, markets make bounce up and down like a ball on positive and negative news for coronavirus, lockdown, cures, vaccines and return to work.

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