Pound To Strengthen FTSE 100 To Fall

Published / Last Updated on 23/04/2019

Will the pound rally?  Increases in National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage = knock on effect up the ladder = Rising wages.

Meaning greater expectations of interest rate rises in say August 2019 with a 20% probability.

Delayed Brexit = Should have time to agree a deal.

The recent FTSE 100 rises 'on the back' of a weak £ and 'No Deal Brexit' may be short lived.  £ will weaken on a Brexit Deal.

Markets still expect Chinese intervention with China putting policy-easing measures for open trade on hold.

Dollar stronger on earnings expectations.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said European Union tariffs facing motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson Inc are "unfair" and vowed to reciprocate, but gave no other details.

Expect Bank of England interest rates up, Expect Federal Reservice Bank of England interest rates up = Markets may be more volatile in latter 2019.

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