Get Credit Card with No Credit History

Published / Last Updated on 02/12/2022

We have received a couple of enquiries recently with people having trouble in getting credit as they have no credit history.

  • Case 1 – Police officer, wishing to remain ‘off radar’ and no credit history but just on the electoral roll seeking a mortgage
  • Case 2 – Individual with no job, no income, enough wealth to live on, no mortgage, no credit history, on the electoral roll and seeking a credit card for online purchase protection (unlike a debit card) and whilst travelling overseas.

Whilst getting credit when you have a poor credit history can be difficult, it can be equally difficult if you are ‘clean’ but have no credit history at all. 

Credit card companies, credit score companies, lenders and mortgage providers are reluctant to lend money when people have no credit history.  Quite literally, “the computer says no”.


  • Talk to your bankers about a credit card, loan, or mortgage as they will have working knowledge as to how you handle your finances and records of income and capital.  Even then, for some banks the computer still says “no”.
  • Search for a ‘no credit footprint’ credit card pre-approval offering.
  • Take out a small credit deal with mobile phones, online store ‘buy now pay later’ deal, or store card, if you can.  Then pay it off, use again and pay it off again.
  • Consider a car loan, many car financers may offer deals as the car acts as security if the needed to repossess, so they are more likely to arrange credit.  Then pay it off quickly.
  • Search online for a “no credit history credit card”.  There are several online money ‘compare and search’ directories that offer a selection of “no credit history credit cards” and will offer you a % probability of you securing a credit card.

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