Green Investment Alert 041014

Published / Last Updated on 04/10/2014

We issue a green investment alert for clients that are currently cash parked or missed that last Green Alert.


"Hello there Saturday, 4 October 2014 and the FTSE 100 index closed on Friday evening and 6527.

What a 10 days we've had!  [We've had]  In terms of the European Union, there have been concerns about quantitative easing, which they haven't had previously but they're proposing to introduce to start to stimulate the European economy because there fears there.

We've had problems in Hong Kong we protests because supposedly Hong Kong being self-governing or semi-autonomous, the Chinese government in Beijing have passed a law effectively enabling them to block anybody wants to stand for election.  So, a fair few problems going on in the Hong Kong and the moment with student protests.

In the United States we have job figures were not as good as expected and will now, just in moving towards Christmas, were now going to start see the real effects of quantitative easing, of the economic stimulus program in the United States, starting to gradually wind down.

In the UK we've had issues with obviously that there was the Scottish vote, which was a no vote, which was good for markets.  But then also we found we had and issues with concerns and worries and the vote over as strikes and then sadly there are been some executions and things like. 

So there is a lot going on in the markets and investment markets have been extremely volatile and we have literally seen FTSE 100 be over the 6800 mark where we were targeting 6900 and within a few days its dropped out to down to below 6500 at one point.  Now, like a say, hovering in the mid 6500s. 

So so first things first, this is a green alert for all of our client investors where:

  • if you missed the boat before and you didn't invest previously then we are suggesting maybe now is a right time to consider going back into markets

A lot of people will say to us:  "well, how do you know?" And it's we don't know!   As we always say 'please don't ask us, we don't know, we can only make judgement calls on what we would do with our money. 

I suppose really to put this into perspective,  if we look back over the last 12 months, do you know that over the last 12 months the FTSE 100 index has gone over the 6800 threshold,that we sort of set as our benchmark, six times and likewise it's been down the six 6500 position six times. 

But overall in the year October 2013 to October 2014 it hasn't really moved.  So we literally seen up, down, up, down.  up, down.  Okay, so opportunities for growth in markets are only when you are in and out of markets at the right time.  So what I would say to people, people may ask is why ddi you not issue your red alert and come out.  We could not have  foreseen half of what what has gone and to be fair we're fairly confident within within a month or two months it will be back again, back up again at 6800 going for our target of 6900.

For those who missed the last green investment alert we're suggesting now is the time.  So if you are 'cash parked' right now, contact us with a simple email which says: 'please invest me back in markets in the same proportions that I was previously invested' or email us if it was new money on new recommendations from us email us with 'please invest me in markets as per the recommendation in your report'.

If you have any problems contact us but there are details of this email update and the setting as well.  Thanks very much for watching."

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