No Executor on a Will

Published / Last Updated on 08/07/2022

What is an Executor of a Will?

An executor of your Will is the person or people you appoint to manage and carry out the instructions of your Will e.g., to make sure that your nephew inherits that gold watch as well as deal with all other matters including funeral payment, inheritance tax payment, transfer of property ownership etc.

Executor and Trustee

The executor may also be appointed as a trustee if your Will sets up a trust on your death e.g., you leave £100,000 in a trust for your daughter until she reaches age 21 or you leave our property in trust for children but you grant a life interest trust for your newer partner to live in that same property for the rest of their lives rent free but you children still own it in a trust.

Can I Resign as an Executor?

You can resign as an executor provider provided you have not started ant administration works at on the deceased estate.

Sole Executor Death Meaning No Executor

The Will is still valid even if there are no executors through resignation or death.

The Probate Registry will need to be contacted for advice and guidance on appointing an administrator for the estate.  The Probate Registry would usually expect someone who is named as a beneficiary of the estate to be appointed as an estate administrator or there are professionals that will do so

If no one steps forward and applies to be the administrator, the Probate Registry will appoint somebody to administer the estate.

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