Overseas Beneficiary of a UK Will

Published / Last Updated on 29/08/2019

Overseas beneficiaries may have to do quite a lot before receiving benefits from your Will or payments from pension funds on death or life insurance pay outs either in trust or from a death in service company life insurance scheme.

Prove their identity i.e. certified copies of driving licence, passport and two proofs of address that must be within the last three months.  These certified documents may need signing off by a local solicitor, notary, barrister, local town hall or the police.

Proof of any overseas bank account where funds are to paid to with original or certified copies again of bank statements.  Bank account must be in their name.

Overseas beneficiary may also have to physically claim any death benefit themselves from a pension or life insurance company.  This may mean paperwork to be signed that is not in their own language.

Translation services may be required.

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