No Fault Online Quick Divorce Starts in April 2022

Published / Last Updated on 15/02/2022

The no-fault divorce procedures as part of the Divorce, Dissolution Act 2020 were finally published by the Ministry of Justice in January 2022 setting out the requirements for a no-fault divorce.

The online support package was supposed to be delivered in Autumn 2021 but will now go live in April 2022.

No Need To Prove/No Blame

Before the 2020 Act, there was a requirement to prove irretrievable breakdown of the relationship with blame for things like unreasonable behaviour, adultery or a full two-year separation.  This is now removed without the need to blame on party or the other.

No Need For Service

The other stumbling block was that for a Divorce Order to be issued by a judge, the papers confirming commencement of legal proceedings needed to be ‘served’ on your ex-partner or their legal advisers refusing ‘service’ and then wait 6 months before the Judge could issue the order.  This has now removed with the 6 month clock starting ticking from the day commencement proceedings start to the final Court Order (Decree Absolute) being issued.

  • Decree Nisi:  A document that says that the court does not see any reason why you cannot divorce.
  • Decree Absolute: The legal document that ends your marriage.  You need to wait at least 43 days (6 weeks and 1 day) after the date of the decree nisi.

Online Divorce

The online support package and application process goes online from April 2022.

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