Mirror Wills

Published / Last Updated on 05/02/2015

Video explores the basic Last Will and testament for partners making Mirror WIlls and our Mirror Will service.


“Hello there and thank you for joining me. The subject for my video today is a ‘mirror will. Mirror Wills, what are mirror Wills?

Many of you will be aware what a Will is. A Will is basically your wishes on death, your last will and testament and you detail in writing what you would like to happen to your wealth on death, to your chattels, your car, personal items, any other wishes you may have, gifts of money, the business, if you have a business, even funeral arrangements and things like that. Indeed, setting up a trust if you wish to set up a trust for the children and grandchildren et cetera.

So we are all fairly comfortable what a Will is and a mirror Will and you'll see it mentioned a lot when you talk to Will writing services such as using our Will writing service, where when I send a quote, a fee quote for our Will costs I will also give details of the costs for a mirror Will.

[And] in plain and simple terms a mirror Will is usually where there are partners: husband and wife, civil partnership or indeed common law, where you're just together as boyfriend girlfriend, boyfriend boyfriend, girlfriend girlfriend, whatever your relationship might be. [And] a mirror Will where we can put discounts in for doing two wills: one for each person but where they basically mirror each other. So from a time-saving point of view, if your wishes are exactly the same as your partner’s wishes we can cut the time and produce a Will very quickly.

So that's what a mirror Will, is they mirror each other, so individually you still have to have a separate Will you sign your own Will and you have witnesses to your signature on the day that you sign the Will, you also at the same time, the witnesses and yourself.

But you can't have a joint Will, you must have two separate Wills but if your wishes are exactly the same thing you can save some money by having a mirror Will or two mirror Wills, as it were. So that's the mirror Will, what it is, just in case you didn't know and if you would like to know about Will writing services and how we can deliver a professionally bound Will for you then please do contact me and I'll happily send you whatever the scale is. Thanks very much for watching.”

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