Lasting Powers of Attorney Digital Notices Extended

Published / Last Updated on 23/04/2021

The Office for the Public Guardian (OPG) has extended functionality for digital Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).

You can only a Lasting power of Attorney account via  This still produces pdf ‘paper’ LPAs that you need to print and sign along with your attorneys and any independent certificate provider such as ourselves.


In your ‘’ LPA account, you can use a function “Use an LPA Service” that automatically contacts banks, insurance, investment and health care companies to verify that an LPA is in place and who are appointed to act as attorneys.  This means less paperwork in not having to send certified copies of LPAs as a banks, insurers etc can easily check, or may have been already told that the LPA is in place.

Originally, this was for LPAs made after 17 July 2020.

From 4 March 2021, this has been extended to include LPAs made after 01 September 2019.

1 million LPAs have been registered and to date, 85,000 LPAs have been registered for the “Use an LPA Service” with 27,000 access codes granted on 17,900 LPAs.  It has not been used that much and will grow exponentially as more people become aware of the service.

The OPG is now looking to extend the service even further, not just for LPAs after 17 July 2020 but for all registered LPAs.

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