What is a Predatorial Marriage

Published / Last Updated on 08/11/2019

Predatorial Marriage is on the rise. People marrying vulnerable, usually older people to inherit their wealth. There have been various court cases and it is all about mental capacity.

With a will, the will writer must check capacity and understanding of financial consequences of making a will.

It is the same, in fact stricter with Lasting Powers of Attorney  where you need a certificate provider to sign to say that you are making decisions without pressure and with capacity.

Yet with marriage - the registrar only, under past cases, needs to check a  'rudimentary' understanding of marriage.

Marriage cancels your previous will meaning marriage predators may marry a person at risk, the old will is cancelled and if they then die, under intestacy laws the new 'spouse' would inherit the majority of the money.

You can get an injunction to block a marriage, but it seems that predators just keep going from registrar to registrar until success.

If you are worried about a family member or friend, get some legal advice before it is too late.

Advice Alpha Add value not selling policies - add value to understanding (cogent), behavioural coaching you add value to objectives - research suggests that having an adviser can add 2-4% pa to persons wealth with tax savings, fund choice, poking and poking/prompting.

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