What Executors Must Do Before Applying for Probate

Published / Last Updated on 25/10/2019

What executors must to secure probate:

“Tell us Once” – one online form that notifies all governmemt type organisations of the death e.g. passport office, DVLC, council tax, NHS.

Deal with self assessment tax returns – income – earned, pension, investment income, property income, etc and settle any income tax liability or arrange tax refund.

Draft a set of estate accounts to include:  values of all assets and debts at dates of death.

Contact inheritance tax dept of HMRC to apply for IHT reference number - you can do this online.

Complete short IHT form if no inheritance tax, complete long IHT 400 form (and supplementary IHT forms) if there is likely to be IHT bill due to then calculate inheritance tax.

Complete IHT 423 to ask bank to send money direct to HMRC to settle IHT tax bill direct.

If there not enough money to pay the IHT bill in deceased bank accounts e.g. a house must be sold to raise money, you need to tell HMRC that the bill will be settled by installments or when the property is sold.

Tell HMRC which probate registry you have applied to.  HMRC will then notify the Probate Registry when the IHT Bill is settled or they are happy that preparations are made to settle the bill when property sold, i.e. they are happy for Probate Registry to grant probate.

Apply for probate (online) - you will be given a reference number and a submission/cover sheet to print off.  Send the relevant cover sheet and the original Will to the relevant Probate Registry.

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