What to Expect in Your First Financial Consultation

Published / Last Updated on 22/08/2023

If you are new to us and contact us by email, contact form, telephone or book a call back online, we will offer you a free, initial consultation. 

Do Not Worry or Be Nervous

This is not something you should worry about or get nervous about.

  • You do not need to do any homework. 
  • Free consultation - we will telephone you at our cost.
  • Chartered Financial Planners, IFAs, Husband/Wife, Director/Founders Ashley Roberts-Clark or Joanne Roberts-Clark will personally call you back.
  • We do not use jargon.
  • We will not take any sensitive information in the call.  We won’t even ask for your date of birth, your address or policy/account numbers.
  • We will discuss your position and answer your questions.
  • If we can help you in a few minutes, then we will do so at no charge.
  • If there is potentially any regulated work to do, we will verbally confirm our fees and services that may be suitable in the call and will then confirm the same in writing.
  • We will give you background to our firm, explain how we work and email our 'fixed' fees in writing, putting you in control to make an informed decision. 
  • You are not committed to any work or fee from us until you decide that we are right for you after comparing our fees and services with other advisers.
  • UK to UK Telephone or Conference Call:  We will telephone on the number supplied.  If you prefer to set up an 'audio/video' link conference call, you can request a conference call and we will set this up and send instructions via your PC, MAC, tablet or mobile/cell phone.
  • International - Conference Call Only:  If overseas, to save on international costs calls, we will send you a separate 'join meeting' link email for a ‘no charge’ conference call (audio and/or video as you prefer) via PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile/Cell so we can talk as long as required without 'clock watching' or worrying about international call costs as they are VOIP (voice over internet protocol).

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What You Need to Do Before the Consultation?

  • Nothing, just have an idea about what you would like to talk about.
  • Don’t worry or try to be technical.
  • Put it in your own words, in plain English as we are more likely to then understand what help you need (if any).
  • If you do have some details e.g., for a pension, investment etc then it is worthwhile having it to hand, but it is not crucial.
  • If you want to share some information with us before the consultation, then please do.  That said, for data protection reasons, we may not need it or keep it and will then destroy it.

We Are Just Like You?

  • We are a hardworking family business.
  • We have the usual worries about children, grandchildren, the dog, the bills, mortgages, retirement, volatile investment markets etc., just like most people.
  • We simply treat you the way we want to be treated when we buy goods and services.
  • We will always be clear, fair, and transparent so that you can make an informed decision in your own time.

We enjoy initial consultations, not only to attract new clients, but there is also a sense of ‘doing some good and wellbeing for all’ if your circumstances dictate that we can help you in a few minutes and set you ‘on your merry way’ without charge if that is what was needed and is in your best interests.

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