Reality of Supporting Small Business

Published / Last Updated on 22/02/2021

Big v small is always the debate.  Larger businesses are sometimes considered more stable although we beg to differ.  There are many banks that needed a ‘bail out’ during the credit crunch crisis and many larger firms that have unfortunately had to close despite bosses awarding themselves £millions in bonuses or pension contributions.

Big is not always beautiful.

By supporting small businesses across the whole economy you are not just making a conscious decision to help local or small businesses to promote competition.  You are also making a decision to not always assist millionaires and billionaires sat in the far away hide-outs or the marble pillared offices in the City.

Take our small, family business.  To us, offering financial advice is a very personal thing for both you and us.  You are a name to us not just a number. 

By supporting smaller financial planners, it is not lining the pockets of hedge fends, private equity funds, professional investors or faceless CEOs on multi-million £ salary packages.  We are not making £millions in profits, we are continually striving to deliver up to date, highly personalised, low cost, fixed cost services.

It is keeping real people in a job.

By using us, it is helping to look after 5 real families – so that’s around 16 people with a roof over the heads, warmth and food.  It pays for staff mortgages, children’s university fees, dog food, horse riding lessons, athletics clubs, employee wages, employee pensions and more.

We thank you for considering not just our firm but all small businesses.

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