How We Quote Our Fees

Published / Last Updated on 01/06/2021

How Our Fees Are Calculated

For reference, we usually offer set fee only services, to make sure you receive the lowest initial charges and combined ongoing management charges from pensions, investment and insurance companies.  Over a period this may save you many hundreds if not thousands of pounds in additional charges that may have been kept by any financial adviser/pension/insurance company.

For most of our advisory works there are two elements to any works involved when calculating fees.

Part 1 - Core Fee

Whether you have 1, 2, 3 or 4 pensions to review or have £50,000, £100,000 or £500,000 to invest or as a pension transfer, initial factfinding/questions and core report building will involve similar chargeable times irrespective of numbers/size/quantity.  We have time-costed the average for this to produce a core fee for each service.

Part 2 – Size/Quantity Related Fee

Clearly, the time involved to review 3 pension schemes is more than 1 pension scheme.  Equally, the time building a pension or investment portfolio and the liability involved for a £500,000 pension or investment portfolio is much greater than that for £50,000.  The second part of our fee is therefore related to the quantity or size.

Up to 25% Discount

There are usually 4 pricing options:

  • 25% Discount (in full or part) – non-face to face, fees paid upfront
  • 15% Discount (in full or part) – non-face to face, fees paid on completion
  • 10% Discount (in full or part) – face to face, fees paid upfront
  • Standard fee – face to face, fees paid on completion

Fees Paid From Policy/Charges Deduction

By default 'DIRECT FEE/INVOICE' (Upfront or On Completion) is the only payment option but a second option 'FEES PAID FROM POLICY' (On Completion) may be available for some products and services.

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