How We Choose Pension and Investment Companies

Published / Last Updated on 15/09/2021

Many financial advisers have gone down a platform route, whereby all their clients are usually established on one single platform to manage your pension, investment, insurance or tax needs.  This will also mean, you are stuck with that one platform and charging structure that the adviser uses.  Many clients will be happy with this, many will not as it may be easier but it does always mean you are getting the best pension or investment scheme for your needs.

We do not operate a short listed panel of pension or investment company providers.


Every client is individually researched to find the most suitable provider for their needs and objectives.

  • Some clients may want to invest in cash only with a view to drawing down funds.
  • Some clients may want flexible drawdown arrangements.
  • Some clients may want to withdraw all their funds.
  • Some clients may want specific types of investment inside their plan e.g.  exchange traded funds, direct holding shares, Chinese bonds, commercial property.
  • Some clients may be expat i.e.  overseas.
  • Some clients may want low charged, plain vanilla ice cream products or hybrid schemes with external funds.
  • Some clients may want self determined, self controlled and self invested schemes.
  • Some clients may want low initial charges.
  • Some clients may have specific green, ethical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible funds.  Some may even want to drill that down even further e.g.  no oppressive regimes, no tobacco, no human rights, no animal testing for cosmetics, low emissions vehicle research, no unsustainable wood production.
  • Some clients may want online only.
  • Some clients may want same day trading or next day trading.
  • Some clients may want different types of investment for tax reasons, insurance bonds, unit trusts, investment trusts, oeics, ISAs, general investment accounts.
  • Some may want trusts and inheritance tax planning.
  • Some clients may actually be a “trust” as they are separate legal entities to the individual.

We are all different.  Different ages, income, wealth, tax, medical history, hereditary illness, investment experience, plans for life, retirement or death.

We use our research tools and experience to drill down to the right personal solution for you and then tailor our research and recommendations to your exact needs.

There are thousands of different products that are available that may suit your needs.  Our role is to find exactly the right solutions for you personally.

We then shortlist products from various providers and then start to analyse funds and consistency of performance.

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