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Published / Last Updated on 25/06/2022

Financal Advice Experts: Roberts Clark IFS Limited was founded in 2000 and our website is written and managed by husband and wife team and founding directors, Joanne Roberts-Clark (51) and Ashley Roberts-Clark (56).  Since our formation, we have won over 50 National Awards for our expert, independent financial advice and services.

All financial advice is offered by the directors personally.  We have a team of admin staff that help us, but it is only us two, working together, that give you any formal and regulated advice.

Who Are We?  The personal 'bit' ...

Joanne was a "Roberts", Ashley was a "Clark".  We met through the industry, clearly liked the look of each other rather than just the finance and the rest is history.  Hence our surnames changing on marriage to Roberts-Clark and the business being called Roberts Clark IFS Limited.

We were both raised in the Midlands.  We have lived in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London for many years and also spend a lot of time in Cornwall.  Our Head Office is now in Newquay, Cornwall (we own this) but we also have offices in Richmond, London (serviced/rented) and Burntwood, 20 miles North of Birmingham (also owned by us).

We do not plan to retire, hence now having an office and also a small home in Cornwall.  That said, we will expand, we will personally slow down in our 60s, part retire in Cornwall, and have others do the main works.  That said, we intend to be around as long as we can for continuity for you, our clients, but also to ensure that our combined 70+ years of financial services knowkedge, experience, legal and compliance skills stretching back to the 80's meaning that we know what the rules were back then that may affect your pension and investment decisions today and can pass on this knowledge.  Experience and knowledge matter when we are giving advice that affects your life today and in the future.

We have two boys, both have degrees and are now police officers, one is with the Devon and Cornwall Police Service and the other with the Metropoltan Police in London.  Two sensible, hard working young men, law abiding citizens helping to protect and keep us all safe.  How did we manage that? 

We are also proud grandparents now and we have a dog "Haggis" (Joanne has 'tartan' blood) who lives for the beach and his ball.

We are ageing surfers and we also love kayaking both on the Thames and of course off the North Cornwall coast.  We also like cycling, mainly the towpath between Kingston and Hampton Court Palace. 

We love rugby and go to Twickenham and Murrayfield if and when we can ever get tickets.  Given that we are from the Midlands, our football team (if you can call them that) is West Bromwich Albion and we proudly own one share each in WBA (we like to say we own a penalty spot, a few bricks and a couple of seats in the stands).

We like to socialise and go out most evenings after work, Haggis needs walking and he knows his way for an evening stroll along the beach or the Thames and then the odd beverage stop.  We do not like TV 'soaps' or mostly depressing news shows and have not watched 'Corrie' or the East London soap in probably 30+ years.

We are just a normal, hard working family.  We have highs and lows just like anybody else.  That's why we always treat people the way we want to be treated when we buy goods and services.  We will tell you as it is, in plain English with a straight fee quoted for any work/advice.

Now the Professional bit:  More about us, our career and qualifications ...

Joanne Roberts-Clark APFS, CeMAP, Cert MP & ER.
Chartered Financial Planner
Managing Director, Roberts Clark IFS Limited

Ashley Roberts-Clark ACII, FPFS, CeMAP, Cert MP & ER.
Chartered Financial Planner
Managing Director,

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