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Published / Last Updated on 18/08/2023

We are FCA authorised Independent Financial Advisers and are also individually, 1st Class Honours degree qualified Chartered Financial Planners.

Who are Who is behind 

This is the financial website of the limited company Roberts Clark Independent Financial Solutions Ltd.  The firm is owned personally by Ashley and Joanne Roberts-Clark.  Joanne was a Roberts, Ashley was a Clark, we met through the industry and the rest is history, both personally and professionally.  We are a private firm with no big ‘backers’ or investors and a family firm, husband-and-wife owned.  We started the business in the year 2000 and so we have been trading for quite a few years now.

The reason we started this business is: Ashley’s background was that he worked for several large insurance, pension and investment companies, where he finished up as the Regional Pensions Manager for Legal and General in the City and Joanne’s background was, she worked for a number of large investment firms particularly working on the legal, tax and trusts side of investments and finance planning.


The reason we started this business is because we don't like the way the finance industry works.  The finance industry is essentially a “the more you sell the more you get paid” or “the bigger the investment that you do the more you can charge” etc.  Rather than what we do is we believe your life savings, your investment, your tax, your inheritance tax, your money, your pensions etc.  those are very private, very personal matters that are hard earned.

It’s hard-earned money and what we look to deliver you, our client, is to treat you the same way that we want to be treated when we buy goods and services.  We offer first consultation no charge where we will talk through your needs and requirements.  We will then offer you any fees for any work that potentially needs to be done, we’ll confirm that in writing to you.  We confirm this in writing by email along with printable pdf fee quotes, agreements and other documents, confirming exactly what our fee before any work is done.  The benefit being you know that there are no hidden costs or % fees or commissions.

We quote upfront set fees and that’s because, we are consumers as well and we want to treat you the way that we want to be treated when we buy goods and services out there.

See our Fees Shop:  Our Fees

We started our business from a converted garage in 2000 and now we have three offices.  Personally, we are based in south-west London with a small ‘shoebox’ office in Richmond, we also have the original office just north of Birmingham (that we are about to sell) as our staff now work remotely there.  Our head office, where most of our administration is completed is in Newquay, Cornwall.  It would have cost us a small fortune to have our admin headquarters, our admin centre in the in the centre of Richmond, so it was originally in the Midlands and now in the South West.  The savings by having owning our head office in Cornwall is reflected in a competitive fee structure as we do not need to charge London rates or pay for a huge London offices when our office infrastructure is cheaper in the Midlands and Cornwall.

Soon to be two offices, one in Cornwall, one in south-west London.  We’re independent financial advisers and chartered financial planners, we quote set, fixed fees and then offer an ongoing advisory service if you want, that's called out money MOT service.

See Money MOT:  Money MOT

If you've done some research on our websites already you may have seen that we have won 50+ National awards over the last 20 years or so.

See Awards:  50+ Awards

We’re a good firm and we know you'd expect us to say this, but we genuinely are a good firm because we leave no stone unturned, we treat your money as if it was our money.  We treat you not only as a client but hopefully growing into a trusted friendship.  Our simple approach is to get it right first time, build on the solid foundations we will create for your finances and make sure our clients are looked after because if we look after you, as our client then

  • You’ll pay your fee and remain as long-term clients.
  • You’ll tell your friends and colleagues about us.

It's a simple as that.

Developing Systems:

We are an online, remote, non-face to face Chartered Financial Planner.  We first went online in 2000 when the internet was in its infancy and have developed our own systems and services with 10,000 pages online, 2,000 educational videos, online appointment booking, calculators, tools, online fees, secure messaging, and document upload as well as many more such as an AI/Robo adviser we have been developing for 6 years now on its way.  Our mission is to ensure you can easily learn and deal with most complex areas of finance and tax without fear, with us in the background when you need us.

First consultation no charge, please do contact us or book a callback via our online diary and we’ll call you back, no obligation to talk through what your needs and requirements are.

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