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Published / Last Updated on 28/09/2014

Video explains what is available and how to access financial advice from our London team.


"Hello there.  [The] subject for this video is Financial Advice in London.

So, we are financial advisers and we're based in London.  Mm, that tells you a lot doesn't it?  But what  I wanted to do was just introduce. the concept.  We are a small Private family business my financial services firm is called Roberts Clark.  I am the Clark, my good lady wife Joanne is the Roberts.

I'm not originally from London, I was actually born in North Lincolnshire raised in the West Midlands.  Educated in the West Midlands and then the usual progression through A-levels, college, professional exams, I'm a Chartered Financial Planner and a Chartered Insurer and all of that.

Careerwise, I was a Regional manager for a large insurance company and they move around the company [country] and moved me into the City in London.   We set up our private practice 15 years ago and that was in the year 2000,  so just started our 15th year and we were quite maverick at the time where we have always been fee-based.  We have always been fee only financial advisers.  

I know there a little bit now where the regulator has said all financial advisers should charge fees, but a lot still charge percentages.  So in a percentage [some advisers] say "our fee is 3% plus a 0.5%.

What does that mean?  

Let's say you've got £100,000 to invest and your friend has got £50,000 to invest. Why should pay double?  3% of £100,000 is double 3% of £50,000.   Why should you pay double when it is technically the same work [time]? To do the same pension investment or the same general investment or whatever it might be.  So we've always worked on a fixed fee only basis.

What I find with that is when you're seeking Financial Advice in London and the surrounding areas because our/my infrastructure here is: I have a small 'shoebox' of an office in Richmond, literally, and then up in the Midlands I've got my head office in the Midlands where all of my administration team are based and I own the offices up in the Midlands.   

All of the admin team is up there, all of the infrastructure is up there, I personally am based [live] in London with my wife.  The reason we do that is well: why would I pay £3 or £4 million to have the same office infrastructure in Richmond when it's cost me a few hundred thousand pounds to have my office premises in the Midlands?  It makes financial sense for us to look after our money, so likewise, we then try and look after your money by keeping our fees low.

I like to say to people is quality, award-winning, Financial Advice in London but paying the fees of the Midlands.

Now, I know that this is quite a strange introductory video to Financial Advice in London but do have a look at us.  We are consumers too.  I like to sort of [say] my favourite thing within the key phrase, that phrase, 'personal financial planning': I think keyword is the word 'personal'.  

You deal with the owners of the business. You will only get advice from myself or my good lady wife, Joanne, who is also a Chartered Financial Planner.  So you are dealing with the owners.  It's in our interests to get that Financial Advice right for you and as I say to most people:  

We're consumers too, we buy goods and services out there every day the same as you do.  I have boys that are at university, the same as many as you do.  I have the same costs and worries, the same as you do.  And because we're consumers too, all we do is we just try and treat you the way we would like to be treated when we are out there buying goods and services.  So, we just treat our clients the way that we would like to be treated.  

Do I wear a sharp, pinstriped suit no I don't, I have my nice little thing [shirt] with my company logo on but I don't believe a sharp suit makes a decent financial adviser.  A 'flashy' car doesn't make a decent financial adviser.  Yes, they might look good and the car my might look nice,  they might have fantastic, marble pillared offices.  But who is paying for all that?  All that I will say is: try us out,  give us a call, book a call online, contact us.

We'll have a chat with you at no charge and I [we] will make you that promise that we will leave no stone unturned.  We do our absolute best to give the best quality service and highest standard of advice at the most competitive costs we can in the London and the south-east area.  So I think I have 'laboured' it enough Financial Advice in London from somebody who is from the Midlands, but there you go.  

You get what you see as it were. Do contact us, we would be very happy to have a chat with you.  No obligation.  Thanks very much for watching."

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