Signing UK International Wills for UK Wealth

Published / Last Updated on 22/09/2020

UK International Wills and Testamentary Dispositions For Expats and Foreign Nationals:

The UK has signed and ratified the Hague Convention on Testamentary Dispositions i.e.  your Will on death.  Many other countries have also signed and ratified the same i.e.  it is law.

This means that a UK will is acceptable in many countries with the procedure that for it to be acceptable in another country, it is sent to the UK’s Legislation Office for the Apostille Seal to be fixed to it i.e.  the UK government confirming that it is a legal Will in the UK.

That said, much time is lost in translation or needing the Will (with its seal) to be approved in a foreign court or indeed if there is a conflict with the details of the Will and the local laws of the land that you live in.

For many, it is perhaps easier for expats and foreign nationals to make a Will in the UK for your UK assets and a Will where you live for assets outside the UK.

There is no requirement for you to be in the UK to sign your Will or have it witnessed in the UK.

Your UK Will can be signed when you are overseas and your neighbours (provided they are not beneficiaries of the Will) can act and sign as witnesses to your signature on your Will even if they are not British Nationals.

If you would like help in making an International Will in the UK then please contact us or book a call back.

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