Expat Financial Advice in Europe After Brexit

Published / Last Updated on 23/08/2019

Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number for all VAT registered businesses to trade with Europe even under a No Deal Brexit and World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade tariffs.

Expat Advice in Europe After Brexit:

Financial Services Passports – UK regulators have confirmed that EU finance companies will be granted Temporary Permissions to continue to operate in the UK whilst they establish a UK authorised business.  Even those firms that do not want to continue trading will be granted a shorter term Temporary Permission whilst they wrap up existing client operations and make an orderly exit

Some EU countries will be granting the same rights to UK financial companies operating in Europe.

If no passport then we will continue to work on the basis that we do already in non-EU countries.

  1. We are not authorised to give advice to residents in the overseas territory but likewise advisers in those countries cannot give advice on UK policies.
  2. We will handle existing UK policies, plans, pensions and mortgages but require expats to take the overall advice locally i.e. overseas/where you live on any actions taken in UK.
  3. We will not advice on overseas pensions and investments
  4. We will not handle or advice on any new investments, pensions or plans – you must take advice locally when making new arrangements.

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