Minimum Grade C EPC Ratings for Landlords

Published / Last Updated on 12/01/2022

EPC Ratings:  Energy Efficiency and Insulation Min EPC-C

Energy performance certificates (EPCs) have been required for all residential property transactions since 2008.

For landlords the minimum EPC rating that they must have to let out a residential property was D (this does not apply to holiday lets as landlords and not the guest/tenant pay the energy bills).

As the government pushes to make the UK more energy efficient and for climate emissions reductions, the minimum EPC ratings for landlords is changing.

By 2025 all new tenancies and by 2028 all existing tenancies will be required to have an energy-efficiency rating of at least EPC-C.  Given that many properties have an EPC of D or lower.  This may mean from 2025 any owner may find it difficult to sell their property or indeed if the owner is renting out then it may be impossible to let.  Suggestions to improve your EPC rating:

  1. All roof/loft spaces should be insulated to 270mm not the usual 100mm
  2. Walls to be insulated with a new layer or stripped back to brick, insulated and reboarded/plastered
  3. Floor insulation
  4. New energy efficient gas boilers for heating and hot water
  5. Fan assisted/7 days a week 24/7 programmable controlled timers/thermostat controlled with frost settings for electric heaters
  6. Dual immersion cylinders and extra lagging for water heaters
  7. Triple glazing or secondary/additional glazing added to double glazing
  8. Energy efficient lighting throughout

For landlords, this is going to creep up very quickly and you need to get your tenanted properties in order sooner rather than later to beat the rush nearer the deadlines.

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