Fire Safety England Regulations 2022

Published / Last Updated on 27/07/2022

Are there 2 or more households living in a building?  Then new Fire Safety (England) Regulations were announced in May 2022 that apply from January 2023.

Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, the government and multiple fire safety and fire service organisations have been working towards improved fire safety protection for all. 

A building with 2 or more households in it, this may be a shared house (house of multiple occupation), a house that has been converted to say two apartments or purpose built or converted apartment blocks then these are affected by Fire Safety Laws that you cannot ignore.

Do you live in, or do you own, as a landlord, an apartment or flat?  If so, there are new fire safety laws in place and new fire safety regulations that start in January 2023.

Fire Safety Act 2021 - see:

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 introduced new duties under the Fire Safety Order for building owners or managers (responsible persons).


General guidance

The person responsible for Health and Safety in the building must

  1. Have an annual Fire Safety Inspection by a Fire Safety Officer (contact your local fire service) and the service is usually free.
  2. Responsible persons should also personally inspect all communal fire safety precautions every quarter.
  3. Have a Fire Exit Plan Drawing/Map.
  4. Have a written Emergency Evacuation Plan that is displayed in communal areas as well as each individual apartment having the same information.
  5. Ensure wired/linked fire alarm systems are fitted and serviced.
  6. Have a fire door audit/inspection carried out to ensure all entry, exit and communal doors, locking mechanisms, apartment entry doors, frames and seals are compliant.

Individual apartments

Whilst as an owner resident or owner/landlord, you have responsibility for your own safety as well as any tenants (if any).

  1. Ensure you are familiar with fire safety precautions in your building.
  2. Ensure you are familiar with your fire exits, strategy for getting out of the building safely, and congregating at any designated fire assembly point.
  3. In addition, and by way of example, here are a few things that may be of help to you and your tenants (if any)
    1. Personal fire extinguishers.
    2. Fire masks/helmet.
    3. Fire ladders, these start at 2 storey lengths and go up to 4-5 storey lengths.
    4. Fire/Heat resistant gloves.
    5. Fire blankets for fires in pots/pans etc when cooking.
    6. Fire resistant large blankets/wraps for personal protection when exiting.
    7. Glow sticks if power lost and it is dark.

We hope this helps.

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