10 Tips For Tenants When Renting Property

Published / Last Updated on 13/03/2023

Tenants Guide to Renting - 10 things to look out for when renting

  1. Get a formal, written tenancy agreement with full terms and listed inventory.
  2. Check your credit score.
  3. You will need ID proof that you can live in UK.
  4. Have previous landlord references.
  5. Make sure your geposit is paid into an official Deposit Protection Scheme.
  6. Get copies of Gas (annually), Electricity (every 5 years) and Fire safety test certficates (now important after Grenfell).
  7. Check Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – it must be a minimum E and above but increasing to a C for new tenants in 2025 and existing tenants 2028.  Roof and wall insulation? Energy efficient lighting? Energy efficient room and water heating etc.
  8. General standard of accommodation:  Damp?  Poor decoration? Does it look like the landlord looks after the property.  Is the landlord a member of any Landlord groups or associations e.g.  Landlords Association or e.g., in Cornwall - Cornwall Responsible Landlord Scheme?
  9. Fire Action Plan notices? Fire blanket and small extinguisher, fire exits marked.
  10. Video/photograph conditions of property when you move in and take meter readings when the landlord is present.

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