Queens Speech 2019 but Brexit and Election are Key

Published / Last Updated on 13/10/2019

Queens Speech 14th October 2019 but Brexit, a House of Commons Majority and any potential General Election are key as to whether the proposed Bills will pass as into law.

The 26 proposed bills in the Queen's speech include: (depending on Brexit, General Election, Government majority in the Commons etc.)

  • Electoral Bill - ID required before voting in local and general elections.
  • 7 criminal justice bills: domestic violence laws, increased sentences for violent crime, harsher penalties for foreign national offenders, greater protection for emergency services.
  • Divorce law changes to reduce impact on children.
  • Railway franchising review to improve service reliability.
  • 7 Brexit-related bills: ending freedom of movement with a points-based immigration system from 2021, farming, fishing, financial services and trade.
  • Environment bill to target better plastic use reduction, air pollution, improve water quality.
  • Animal welfare bill banning 'trophy' hunting.
  • Employment bill with all 'waiting on' staff tips and gratuities paid to staff.
  • Pensions Bill to traget fraud, criminal prosecution for rogues etc., pensions dashboards, new collective defined contribution pension schemes, lifetime/annual allowance reviews.
  • Reform adult social care in England with a possible 2% levy from council tax - i.e. social cares get a bigger share of council tax that we pay.

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