Boris and Suspending Parliament for No Deal Brexit

Published / Last Updated on 29/08/2019

Boris and Suspending Parliament

Many may consider the suspension of Parliament as the end of democracy or even illegal.

Has Boris done this to:

  • Stop Parliament blocking any ‘No Deal’ Brexit?
  • Send a message to Europe that the UK is leaving ‘deal or no deal’ so let’s really try and get a solution to the Irish backstop?

Or has he done it to:

  • Force a vote of no-confidence in himself, as leader and the Government?
  • To then force a General Election – is this the real target?

With polls as they are (yougov 27/08/19): Conservatives would take 34% of the vote, Brexit party 13% and with DUP help that could be a majority in the House of Commons.

It’s a big risk, many think Corbyn is unelectable as Prime Minister but a combined Labour, Liberal and Scottish Nationalist Party coalition could stop Brexit in its tracks – if they combined to force a coalition government.

Parliament suspension is a huge risk at such a late stage but perhaps ‘big’ actions are needed to close Brexit off one way or the other.

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