Autumn Budget 2021 Universal Credit Taper Reduction

Published / Last Updated on 30/10/2021

With effect from 1 December 2021, the universal credit taper will be reduced from 63p to 55p.

What is Universal Credit Taper?

If you receive universal credit, you are still encouraged to work by not having your benefits reduced by too much if you earn..  Currently, for every £1 that you earn, your universal credit will be reduced by 63p.

In the Chancellor’ speech, he confirmed universal credit taper will be reduced to 55p meaning that more of a low paid workers money that is receiving universal credit will keep more of their hard earning money.

Contrarian View

What about the young widow that is unable to work due to having very young children?  There is no help for them.  That said, perhaps the deceased should have had at least a small amount of life insurance when deciding to have children.  Or is it that with childcare credits, the government want us all to work given there are 2m vacancies in the UK?

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