What is Care Fees Insurance?

Published / Last Updated on 15/06/2015

What is Care Fees Insurance?

Long term care fees insurance is about giving yourself a choice.

The choice

  • of being able to afford the cost of care, whether in a nursing home, in a residential home or care in your own home
  • of being able to go into the care home of your choice or the choice to stay in your own home
  • of passing your assets on to your family rather than them being used to pay for your care fees

Long term care fees insurance gives you a choice, peace of mind and your independence.

There are various long term care fees insurance plans available to fit your individual needs and financial circumstances.  They allow you to plan for care that you may need.

By taking out a long term care fee insurance plan, it will provide you with financial protection against the cost of residential care or social care in the home.  Some of the providers of long term care fees insurance run care support services and are there to help you with problems and queries before care and during care.  Once you need to claim on your policy and receive care, the support service can help you put together a package to reflect your individual care needs.

Depending where you live and the amount of nursing care you need will determine how much assistance you receive from the State.  

What are the means testing limits?

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