Free Nursing Care

Published / Last Updated on 10/01/2019

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Way back in October 2001, the Government of the day promised 'Free Nursing Care' for everybody in a home as part of its National Health Service plans.

This is a Government 'spin'.  You have to read and understand the 'small print' about free nursing care.

You must understand that:

  • Nursing care i.e. medical care is 'Health Care' and only all other forms of care are Social Care, which is not free.
  • Free Nursing Care only applies to medical health care offered in a nursing home
  • Free Nursing Care is only 'free' up to certain limits known as the Registered Nursing Care Contribution RNCC and the contribution levels depend upon where you live

In short, nursing care contributions are a postcode lottery and social care is capital means tested.

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