Care Fees and Protecting Wealth

Published / Last Updated on 06/04/2024

Care Fees: Protecting Your Wealth

If you have worked all of your life to build up your assets, you most probably want to protect your wealth and pass it all on to your family.

If you find that you need residential care or nursing home care, your assets, possibly including the value of your home, could be used to pay for the care fees. 

This would mean that your family could possibly get less than you want them to.

There is a solution to protect your wealth, you need to plan for the cost of nursing care fees and residential care fees now.  If you plan properly to protect your wealth, you may not need to go into a care home - you could receive the care you need in your own home and retain your independence.  It is your choice.

Plan Properly

  • By planning properly to protect your wealth, you can have a choice of care homes if this is what you want.
  • By planning properly to protect your wealth, you can make your choice - your family can receive the inheritance you want them to and not let the local authority take all your hard earned wealth to pay for care when so many people have not bothered or were unable to save that will get their care for free.
  • Plan to protect your wealth with Long Term Care Insurance to ensure you have a choice

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