Care at Home

Published / Last Updated on 06/04/2024

Care At Home

Can I Stay In My Own Home If I Need Care?

  • It would be great to know that you could stay in your own home if old age care was needed? 
  • Would it give you peace of mind knowing that you would not have to go into a care home, possibly losing your independence?

The reality is you may have a choice about going into an old age care home or whether to stay at home. 

Your local authority will assess your need for old age care.  The result may be that they feel you need residential care or nursing care or maybe just other services such as a "home help" cleaning service or "meals on wheels".

The local authority can charge you for all of these care services if they feel that you can afford it, following an assessment.   Each local authority can develop its own rules for assessing income, meaning that income taken into account by one, could be disregarded by another.

This is all well and good but what if you do not want to go into an old age care home?

What if you want to stay in your own home?

There are ways of planning to ensure you have the choice of either to stay in your own home or going into an old age care home of your choice.  You may wish to use your savings to ensure choice is possible but you could find that your savings are eaten up faster than you thought, due to the rising costs of old age care.

There are other ways of planning for the event of needing old age care.  You can take out tailor made Long Term Care insurance that will pay out if you are unable to look after yourself without some help from others.

Long Term Care insurance can be set up in many different ways, depending on your financial circumstances.  What is long term care insurance? 

We can help you decide on the way that is best for you and your family and we can provide you with advice about old age care that you need.  Would you rather have your future in your own hands or those of your local authority?

Request expert advice regarding old age care, about protecting your wealth and planning for care.

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