Protect Money Early From Care Fees

Published / Last Updated on 09/07/2019

How Can I Protect My Money?

Knowledge is power.  Knowing how to plan early for and protect money from the care fees trap is extremely valuable information.

The following information may help you protect literally thousands of pounds.

Is it fair that some pay more for care than others?

Many clients who saved for many years in investments, pensions and property, who have paid their taxes and national insurance in full, approach us and ask us:

  • Why do we have to pay more for care than our neighbours who had lots of holidays, spent their money and perhaps enjoyed life more?
  • Why are we being penalised for having been careful?
  • Why does the person who may have lived in rented accommodation all their lives, may have spent all their money on smoking, drinking, who simply did not wish to work or has saved nothing all their lives receive their old age care for free?  We are not trying to stereo type here but there are some people who do choose this walk of life whilst others are sadly forced into it.

We have to say we sympathise with their views. 

  • None of our clients believe they should not pay for care, they just believe it is unfair to be penalised for having saved more than their neighbours.
  • The knowledge here is therefore offered to help those who have assets and would like choices on what they do with their money.

There are legitimate and legal ways that you can plan and take action to reduce the risk of your assets dwindling away to pay for cares fees.

Request our expert advice about protecting your wealth and planning for care.


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