Paying for Care Fees

Published / Last Updated on 06/04/2024

Paying for Care Fees

Funding for care fees can be extremely complex and the following pages give you an insight into what financial assistance you can expect for paying for care fees from the State.

Paying for Care Fees - Who does the State help?

  • The NHS will pay fees for Nursing Care if you need nursing care in a care home or at home
  • You or the Local Authortity (means tested) will pay for care fees for Social Care.

The local authority will usually only pay for some or all social care costs for people who have small amounts of savings and assets.  This is detailed in the Charges for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG).  They are only obliged to help people with social care fees whose assets are under certain means tested capital limits.

The rules for paying for care fees when you are older can be complex.  These pages will provide you with an understanding of what your liabilities could be in the future regarding paying for care fees and more importantly give you an insight to the impact of doing nothing.

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